Latoya is a New York-based Fashion Stylist whose Work focuses on personal style that is clean, timeless, rare but classic. Although you may not hear her name or see her often. Latoya's style has taste with flavor to remember. She's known for telling a story through fashion using her visual skills, custom flare, and creative direction. 

Evolving from Fashion Stylist  to a Designed Wardrobe Costumer, Latoya has transitioned into the television (TV/FILM) industry working on major networks with occasional Indie Films in between.

 A woman who has been mentored by Kings and has begun evolving in her talents on her own, this humble Queen of many Crowns has also entered the Culinary world where You may find her in ToyaMPossible's Kitchen creating dishes with a stylish flavor, not to mention the Million Dollar Cookie that is a quiet storm ready to drop in due time. 

As her Business is in branching to the south, Atlanta has become a second base home for the Icon Monarch to evolve. For more information on Latoya's services, to get in touch regarding booking inquires, or to just say hello, feel free to contact her here

Latoya Murray-­Berry  

Costume Designer, Creative Elite Wardrobe Stylist and Fashion Extraordinaire

Latoya Murray­Berry has evolved from a personal designer during her college years into a key brand influencer today, keeping her in high demand within the fashion scene. A Boston native, Ms. Berry received her degree in Psychology at Virginia State University.

Driven by her zeal for fashion that she recognized at an early age, Ms. Berry embarked on her styling journey in New York City within the music industry as she apprenticed under some of the industry’s most influential stylists including Atiba Newsome, Eric Archibald, Jerod McClarin and Derek Roche. Developing her skillset in creative direction coupled with her instinctive refined yet iconic approach to styling, Ms. Berry has incorporated her creative panache amongst new and seasoned artists alike at Atlantic Records, Bad Boy Records, Universal Records and Def Jam Records. Ms. Berry’s work has been spotted on countless newsstands, runways and red carpets, garnering press and recognition for her work in publications such as ESSENCE, Ebony, XXL,“O” Magazine, and Seventeen, just to name a few.

During her 12+ year career, Ms. Berry has curated signature looks for the world’s most esteemed celebrities including Nicki Minaj, Sean “P.Diddy” Combs, Diggy Simmons, Rev Run and Family and Rick Ross. She has mastered the importance of fashion imagery to create authentic looks for her clients and their universal target audience.
Undaunted and unstoppable, Ms. Berry’s work has spanned the globe from the US to France as she often serves as an International Image Consultant for Def Jam France and has worked with several international brands including Amel Bent, Djany, and many others.

Although Ms. Berry’s success has catapulted over the years, her passion for community service has remained unchanged. Ms. Berry is an avid believer of charitable giving as she has donated clothing to her alma mater’s fashion organization, the Alvin Alley Performing Arts as well as the Brooklyn Alternative Schools amongst others.

Since having clients who rely on her for editorial shoots and fashion shows, Ms. Berry’s expertise extends to television as she has worked on numerous award shows at TV Land, MTV Productions, and was the former director of REVOLT TV’s New York Wardrobe Department. Currently, LaToya has made name in the land of Motion Pictures behind the scenes Costuming or a Design Assistant on shows like Shades of Blue, Power and Billions. 
Her talent is not limited to the music and television industry, however. When asked what’s next on the horizon, Ms. Berry shares her goals of broadening her expertise to continue in film and design and expanding her culinary brand. Ms. Berry undoubtedly is a force to be reckoned with and continues to build her legacy as a global fashion legend.

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